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Thank You for the Reviews!

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

As I was piloting a heat-shielded helicopter around an electromagnetic ash cloud and into the caldera of a reawakening volcano (well, as I was daydreaming about it), I was thinking about how wonderful a thing it is when someone you don't know decides to set aside time from their life to write a review for you!

Yesterday, The Reborn found itself with 3 more reviews from readers I've never met. They are 3 of the 8,500+ who discovered The Day Eight Series during a 3-day promotion and downloaded The Reborn for free (another reason the 3 free days were a success).

None of these recent reviewers have many reviews under their belts.

So why did they choose to review The Reborn? Perhaps they read the acknowledgements at the end of my books; there I ask for readers to leave honest reviews on Amazon. Or perhaps they wanted to share their thoughts. Or maybe they were moved by the story.  

Regardless, it is a wonderful thing. To all of you who have left reviews or will leave me reviews: thank you! Thank you for taking time out of your day to do this! Every review helps. 


Now I would like to thank these 3 most recent reviewers individually and share some of their words:

Thank you Maaike, who says,

"I spent two late nights reading this book as I could not put it down. This to me is the best praise I can give, a book I cannot put down means it has a great and captivating story."

Thank you illreadanything, who...

"...finished the Day Eight series after devouring it in just a few days," and who appreciated the "insightful read and journey."

And thank you to jennyj, who...

"...immediately purchased the other two [parts of the series] upon completion," because she was "riveted," and enjoyed "the lessons we can learn about human emotion from attempting to create an emotive program."

Lastly, of course, thank you to all my readers who have taken a chance by picking up The Day Eight Series. The words in this world have no meaning without you.


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