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About Me

My name is Ray Mazza. Nice to meet you.

I am a game designer (check out my published games here).and an author of fiction (check out my novels here)

When I was 3, a strong wave swept me into the ocean from a California beach. My parents saved me.

When I was 30, I jumped out of a plane from 5000 feet. I was surprised by how loud the wind screaming past my ears was.

When I was young, my next door neighbor wanted to look under his couch by using a lighter to see better. I told him this was a bad idea. He said it was fine. The couch caught on fire. A trip to the kitchen for a mug of water didn't solve the problem. My neighbor's father ran downstairs, kicked the couch over, and put it out with a fire extinguisher. I got sent home.


Now you know just a few things about me.

So... enjoy my website!

Ray Mazza - GDC Card 2012 - Square - Lar

Oh hey look, it's me. Weird.

About This Site

I created this website so I could write about game design, share my novels, and muse about things like the future. I also use this site to record a lot of my favorite things on the internet.

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