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Ray's Favorite Articles & Media

A collection of things I enjoy from across the web


Screenwriting & Cinema

Photography, Art, & Music

Creativity & Design

Misc Awesome

Economics & Money

Business & Startup

Science and Technology

Longevity & Health

Virtual, Augmented, & Enhanced Reality


The Mind

Video Game Design & Dev



  • The Decision Problem -- Buying and Selling Paperclips

  • -- a web game where you're a blob trying to eat other people, who are also blobs. Lots of fun.

  • Star Citizen -- Space Simulation like you've never seen it

  • No Man's Sky -- Infinitely Procedural Universe by Hello Games

  • GeoGuessr -- A game about trying to guess where in the world you are when dropped in a random Google street view location.

  • Cookie Clicker on DashNet.Org -- A game that is great for reflecting on the psychology of compulsion in games.

  • Evoland -- An evolving game that takes you on a journey through RPG history.

  • Depression Quest by Zoe Quinn -- A serious game about living with depression.

  • NES Zelda in Minecraft (a work in progress) on

  • Snailboat (web version) by Michael Schmitt & Jon Miller

Artificial Intelligence


Tabletop Game Design

Social Games & F2P



The Sims


Life Lessons

Parenting & Kids


Favorite Websites & Resources

A collection of enjoyable sites, blogs, and resources


Design Tools

  • -- Design tool for posters, diagrams, business cards, and more.

  • -- Online drawing tool for charts, processes, and UI wires

Programming / Coding

Learning & Mind



Tabletop Games


Movies & Cinema

Photography & Art

Web Development

  • Bootstrap -- Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world's most popular front-end component library

  • -- Smart app widgets for growing your website reach

  • -- A nice generator for fav icons

Game Dev Resources

Misc Tools & Resources

  • PrivateBin -- An encrypted paste-bin for sharing text and attachments securely online.

  • Never10 -- Prevent Win 7 & 8 from forcing Windows 10 nags and updates on you. On

  • -- Awesome initiative! Directs you to cost-effective medical procedures, then pays you.

  • -- Give it a link to any streaming content, and it will download it for you (youtube, soundcloud, etc)

  • HTML5 UP -- Spiffy HTML 5 Site Templates that are customizable and fully responsive. Fully Free / Creative Commons no attribution.

  • Button Optimizer -- A great online button creator.

  • How to Google Search -- Infographic Instructional

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