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Terms of Use, etc.

All views represented on this website and in my blogs, writing, social media, and lectures & presentations are entirely personal. They do not represent the views of my employer. You may quote me on this site's content, but you may NOT quote my employer as having said these things.


Also, this website is a choking hazard. Do not attempt to swallow. Repeated page visits without sustenance may lead to starvation. Do not view upside-down. This website constitutes a forward-looking statement. Statements that are not historical facts, especially those which are historical fictions, should not be cause for undue reliance. Any actions you take as a result of this website are of your own willful accord. By not smashing your monitor, you agree that your are not (nor are you imagining) being hypnotized, drugged, “glamoured,” bewitched, or beheaded. Ask your doctor before viewing this website. If you feel queasy, bloated, or bleed from the eyes, consult a specialist. In rare cases, visitors may experience spontaneous pancreatic ejection from the colon. Severe cases of jubilance and wild insight are to be expected, and if all goes well, you will become richer, smarter, sexier,  and mildly invincible.

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